FormaPharm Engineering Group strives to adapt its business to modern trends, and therefore we are pleased to inform you that there have been changes in the organizational structure and management of the company.

Maksim Rakuš, a long-time member of the FormaPharm Engineering Group, has been appointed Deputy Director of the company. He started his career in our company in 2012, since when he has been working in the Procurement Division. In addition to the position of Deputy Director of the company, he will perform the function of Director of the Procurement and Administration Division.

Nenad Milunović, a graduated electrical engineer, and a member of the FormaPharm Engineering Group since 2008, has been appointed director of the unified Engineering Sector. He is coming to a new position as the Electrical Engineering Department Manager, where he has achieved notable results with his commitment and dedication to work. Nenad Nišević, a graduated mechanical engineer, has been appointed to the position of Deputy Director of the Engineering Division. He has been working in our company since 2012 as the Mechanical Engineering Department Manager. Both of them have multiple licenses from the Serbian Chamber of Engineers.

FormaPharm Engineering Group is a company that strives to reward the long-term loyalty of its employees and provide an opportunity for young staff. We are sure that these changes in the company will contribute to prosperity and many successes in the future, because they will empower us to keep up with all market trends. We sincerely wish our colleagues good luck and a lot of success in performing new tasks.