Honoring our employees for their dedicated service

A fond farewell with best wishes to our retired staff

We at FormaPharm know that employees which have been with the Company for a long time deserve to be recognized and honored, and therefore we dedicate this page to them. Their loyalty, during their years of service, is appreciated and will never be forgotten. It is always our pleasure to celebrate one’s journey and career, while honoring their contributions.

In today’s world, rarely does an employee stay with the same company long enough to make a significant impact and retire. Each Pensioner has their own story to tell and we appreciate the testimonials which they generously shared with us.

Nada Skakun, chief accountant

I’ve been working in “FormaPharm Engineering Group” for 18 years. Through the good, and somewhile difficult times, it has always been a pleasure to work, both with teammates and the colleagues from other departments. I will always gladly recall memories on my engagement in „FormaPharm Engineering Group“

Nadomir Radovic, Automation department Manager

In “FormaPharm Engineering Group” (ex “Hemofarm Engineering”) I’ve started to work in October 2003 (16 years). In December 2019 I’ve retired on a pension, as a manager of the Automation department. Work in “FormaPharm Engineering Group” meant/means taking a part in project realisation, which included implementation of the latest solutions within the automation field, and opportunity for self-improvement through the various skills and knowledge upgrades. Successfully fulfilled projects are the result of team work and great cooperation both with colleagues from the automation department, and from other parts of the company.

Zorica Jokic Jankovic, Project manager in Technology service

When one in his middle age finds himself in new working environment/ambience, where he has something to learn and someone to teach and to transfer his own experience and knowledges to – that is amazing thing. That is how I see my engagement in “FormaPharm Engineering Group”. Best of all is obviousness of project realization, there are facilities rising and equipment installation processes performing right in front of ones’ eyes, no project is being put on back burner.

Svetlana Ivković – Public Procurement Specialist

Already back in 1994 I was side by side with the former managing director Dragiša Vučinić, the first employee of the then Hemofarm Engineering d.o.o.

It brings me great pride and personal satisfaction to have been part of the team that has built such a successful company and seeing the new generation of talent working on creating new work and wins despite such difficult times.

It was not always easy and simple to master the tasks set before us, but with teamwork, enthusiasm, the desire for new knowledge and atmosphere of belonging to a successful team have always led to victory and I know will continue to do so in the future.

I would like to thank my dear colleagues for almost 27 years of successful cooperation – it was a pleasure to share them with you. I wish you the best of luck and success in all areas. To the company, I’d like to say: keep going in the direction you’re headed. Even as your retiree, I look forward to dropping in for a coffee and spoiling my colleagues with my retirement cakes.