Privacy Policy

In order to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a data handler, in accordance with the provisions of applicable law governing the protection of personal data, FormaPharm Engineering Group d.o.o., Carlija Caplina 36, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia, registration no.: 06964419 (hereinafter referred to as: the Company), hereby informs you that we collect personal data of persons accessing the Company’s web site (hereinafter referred to as: the web site) in accordance with the law.

The Company protects personal data of all visitors to this web site and access to it is subject to compliance with the Privacy Policy.

In order to ensure compliance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, the Company hereby informs you that you can contact us if necessary at: or by sending an e-mail to the abovementioned address of the Company’s headquarters.


Use of information

All Internet users may visit the Company’s web site without disclosing any personal information about themselves. We use all the information we collect to facilitate the use of our web site, as well as to prevent misuse and illegal internet activities.

We only collect the information on the use of internet presentation such as the number of downloads of certain files, daily number of users, number of pages viewed, IP addresses of the computer. This information is collected without any individual identification, although IP addresses can be used for identification in prevention of abuse and illegal activities. We use this information to improve our internet presentation and provide the most relevant experience to our users.


Personal Data Collection

In case we need other personal information, we will request your permission via online form or e-mail.

We will use the personal data you provide us with or personal data we collect each time you access the web site exclusively to answer your questions and/or to improve our services.

We emphasize that the Company may collect personal information solely from web site users in accordance with the provisions of the law governing the area of personal data protection.


Data access

All information you provide us with is stored on our server and may only be accessed by authorized data processing personnel, in the legitimate interest of the Company and for the purposes set out in this Policy, as well as for other purposes for which you have been authorized as a user of the web site.

Your data will be processed and stored for as long as you have given your consent to such use.


Use of cookies

The Company’s web site uses cookies to collect information.

A cookie is a small text data file sent to your computer when you visit a certain web site. Cookies on the Company’s web site have a variety of different functions and allow you to navigate the pages more efficiently. They save your favorite settings and contribute to a better web site experience.

The web-site may also use cookies which are not necessary for its functioning. We do not use such cookies to track the behavior of individual users or to identify them, but to gain useful insights into how we use the web site in order to improve it for our visitors.

If you do not want to receive cookies, you can set your browser to notify you when cookies are sent to you, and you can also refuse to accept all cookies. Also, you can delete cookies that had already been placed on your computer.

Restricting or blocking cookies placed on your device via a web browser is done by adjusting your browser settings.


Intellectual property rights

The complete content of the Company’s web sites (all texts, logotypes, photographs, audio content and video material on this web site) represents the intellectual property of the Company, or it is being used in accordance with the permission of the authorized holder of the intellectual property rights.

Use of the content, except as described in this Policy, is strictly prohibited without the written permission of the content owner.


Web site functioning

The Company does not guarantee that the web site will function without interruption or error, but will endeavor to remove the deficiencies as soon as possible.

The Company is not responsible for any material or non-material damage that may result from the use of the web site or its content. Also, our web site may contain links to other web sites that are independent of the Company and therefore are not subject to this Privacy Policy, and the Company cannot be held responsible for the content, terms of use, privacy policy or security of other web sites.


Changes to Privacy Policy of the web site

The Company reserves the right to change this web site’s Privacy Policy at any time.