Standards & Certificates

FormaPharm Engineering Group understands the importance of attaining and maintaining its company standards. SGS ISO standards are recognized worldwide and our clients?? understand the benefits of working with companies which are ISO certified. In fact, some of our customers do business exclusively with certified companies because it gives them assurance that the management systems are constantly assessed, improved and approved.

Why we possess the ISO 9001 certificate:

ISO 9001 provides our company a practical and workable Quality Management System (QMS) for improving and monitoring all areas of our business. This allows us to focus on important areas of our business and  efficiency improvement.


Why we possess the ISO 14001 certificate:

Having a well-defined Energy Management System (EMS) framework provides our organization with a systematic approach to compliance. We like  to demonstrate that we are aware of our environmental impact and are implementing systems and solutions that will not only benefit the environment but will also reduce costs and improve efficiency within our organization.


Why we possess the ISO 45001 certificate:

An effective health and safety management system provides benefits to our  clientsand gives us a competitive advantage by minimizing the risks of project execution delays, providing a safe environment to do business and demonstrating our commitment to maintaining an effective health and safety policy.


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