Organizational Structure

Professional services offered today by FormaPharm Engineering Group, cover all segments of modern pharmaceutical engineering, but also new project areas such as biotechnology and food industry. Apart from the basic technological projects, conceptual solutions for factories, the preparation of design-technical documentation, the realization of process systems and the designing of equipment in the field of clean area technology, the overall approach to project realization also includes the high-quality execution of construction works; specialist trades; electro-mechanical works and installations; putting the system into operation; technical supervision, and the qualification and validation of equipment, plants and systems. FormaPharm Engineering Group also has practical experience in the implementation of designed solutions and for specific forms of pharmaceutical production (sterile production, lyophilised forms, effervescent tablets).

The highly demanding requirements in the modern functioning of production plants are met by the work of groups for Process Automation and for Validation: automatized process systems (batch and continuous), of specific and general software applications; communication infrastructure; preparation of validation master plans (VMP); design qualification (RA and DQ); validation of production plants, equipment and systems (IQ/OQ); consulting services for the implementation of high standards and regulations in the field of pharmacy (GMP, GLP, ISO, FDA) and other industries (HACCP).

FormaPharm Engineering Group has a company in Obninsk, with 16 employees. FormaPharm Engineering Group possesses a license for designing in the Russian Federation.