FormaPharm’s decades of engagement in Russia

In the early 1990’s the Russian Federation felt the need to increase its pharmaceutical production, in order to reduce the state’s dependence on imported drugs, which then accounted for up to 70% of its total needs. In this regard, many pharmaceutical engineering companies were exploring their opportunities in the Russian market. In 1994, one of those companies was FormaPharm Engineering Group (formerly Hemofarm Engineering), which established its presence in Russia, the very same year.

Today, Russia’s business and economic development is accompanied by the presence of an increasing number of Serbian companies in the Russian market, which leads to a gradual introduction of economic and custom privileges and reliefs, determined by interstate agreements between Serbia and Russia. FormaPharm Engineering Group utilizes this favorable opportunity to import equipment and materials from Serbia, which are exempt from customs duties and obligations.


Important FormaPharm Engineering Group events registered in the Russian Federation:


  • In 1994 FormaPharm was engaged in the construction of the Yugrafarm pharmaceutical facility in Tyumen, whose investor was the Administration of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region, as well as the construction of the business premises of the Hemofarm representative office in Moscow (approx. 2.000 m²).


  • During the period from 1998 – 2001 services such as design and construction of a plant for the experimental production of injectable solutions within the Cardiology Center in Moscow were provided.


  • In 2002 we commenced the design and construction of the Sotex factory, in Sergiyev Posad, which was successfully completed in 2005, for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the state – Protek.


  • In 2004 we started working on the design and construction of the Hemofarm factory in Obninsk, Kaluga region. The facility, which was completed in 2006, consists of a full production cycle. In addition, it was among the first facilities of the pharmaceutical industry in the Russian Federation to receive an EU GMP license.


  • During the period from 2008 through 2009 we designed and built a microbiological laboratory for the Nizhpharm factory in Nizhny Novgorod.


  • In 2010 we signed a general contract for the design, execution of works and procurement of equipment with the Niarmedik company. The area of ​​the designed NiarmedikPharm factory is 22.000 m², at an investment value of around 50 million euros. The fact that in 2015 the NiarmedikPharm project was recognized as the” Best Project Of The Year” in the pharmaceutical industry in the Russian Federation testifies the quality of our engagement in the Niarmedik project.


  • In 2014 FormaPharm commenced design and construction of the Palladio BNM Obninsk factory, with a factory area of 9.000 m², for the production of high-quality packaging for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food products.


  • In 2015 FormaPharm was assigned to design the production part of the Hemofarm Stada factory in order to modernize and expand its capacity. The very same year and into 2016we designed a laboratory building for the investor Hemofarm Stada, which includes a physicochemical laboratory, an analytical research center, a technological laboratory and a research and development laboratory.


  • In 2016 the second stage of the Sotex factory, in Sergijev Posad, was contracted and designed.


  • In the period from 2017 to 2018 we designed and built facilities for the production of reagents for genetic identification and kinship along with the design and construction of a plant for the production of an anti-tuberculosis substance (PPTZ169) for the investor NiarmedikPharm and Niarmedik Plus. During that period we had the opportunity to successfully provide services, such as design and execution of works, for the factory for the production of purified collagen in Mosalsk, in the Kaluga region for the investor BioPharmaHolding. At the end of 2018 a contract was signed with Niarmedik for the construction of a laboratory building (physicochemical, microbiological, ecological and R&D).


  • In 2020 a turnkey contract was signed with Hemofarm Stada for the design and construction of a physico-chemical laboratory. The project will be completed in the third quarter of 2021.



All projects which have been delivered were successfully completed and received appropriate certificates from the competent institutions (certificate of the Russian Federation GMP, etc.).

Our subsidiary   in Obninsk realized all these projects successfully thanks to its solid cooperation with the parent company FormaPharm in Serbia, with the mutual engagement of its experts, designers and engineers. This cooperation has proven to be successful and undergoes continuous improvement as long as we are engaged in the Russian market.

FormaPharm allocates its professional and engineering staff in accordance with the needs of the market and business. In accordance with project requirements, our subsidiary in Russia employs 10 engineers of various profiles and about 10 professional installers for installation works and equipment related to technological processes (clean rooms, orbital welding, purified water, gases, etc.).