Work plays a substantial role in our everyday lives, and achieving a work-life balance in today’s unpredictable business world is not an easy task. Since communication and working remotely has been made easier due to technology and social media improvement, it has become quite challenging to separate work from personal lives.

FormaPharm Engineering Group advocates for respecting its employees time for work and leisure time. In our company, no one is obliged to work longer than 8 hours a day. Instead, people here are encouraged to maintain a work-life balance, as we believe it would improve our employees’ health, efficiency and performance in the long run. In order to make our work environment pleasant, we motivate people to take time off or implement short breaks during the day, when possible, since it can benefit and even increase our company’s overall productivity and mental wellbeing of our employees.

Our goal is to maintain a positive working atmosphere, to build an engaged and productive team, while also practising good organizational skills, and therefore always provide high quality and on time services.