We are receiving more and more inquiries from potential new customers who want to hire our company. In addition, we are continuously expanding our cooperation with existing customers.

To successfully answer all these inquiries, we have strengthened our team with new employees and will continue to do so.

After the publication of job vacancies on our official website, as well as on popular employment portals, a qualified technology engineer, at the same time a pharmaceutical specialist, has joined the FormaPharm team. She will enrich the qualification group of the engineering sector, while the automation group will also be reinforced by a Master. He is an electrical engineer in the position of leading engineer.

We warmly welcome the new colleagues to our family and hope for a successful and fruitful cooperation in the upcoming projects and challenges. The company remains open to all professional and enthusiastic future colleagues. There is still a need for new settings. Accordingly, we would like to remind you that existing job offers can be viewed at . Apply!