The obligatory condition that an engineering company, and even more so an internationally operating company, such as FormaPharm Engineering Group, must meet in order to be able to provide its design and engineering services at all, is the possession of appropriate licenses, that is the employment of engineers who have those licenses. The official body that deals with the issuance of the mentioned licenses in Serbia is the Serbian Chamber of Engineers. The Chamber was established with the entry into force of the Law on Planning and Construction in 2003. The members of the Chamber are graduate engineers of architecture, construction, mechanical, electrical, traffic and graduate engineers of other technical professions, as well as graduate spatial planners and currently has 14,767 members, who have over 29,000 licenses.

The engineering profession is the backbone of our company’s business and most of the employees are engineers of various professions, most of which are construction. Our engineers have more than 40 licenses in the field of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, construction and technology, which guarantees our company success on the way to achieving the company’s overall goals.