As part of the implementation of turnkey projects, the FormaPharm Engineering Group also performs work on orbital welding in the construction of stainless steel pipelines and on the distribution of process fluids (purified water, water for injection, softened water, clean steam, compressed air (process and instrumental) and technical gases).

Many years of experience, technical equipment (orbital welding kits ORBITEC 3, ORBITEC 4 and ORBITEC tigtronic 205, manual welding equipment (for inaccessible places) ESAB TIG 1500, endoscope with probe and all other necessary equipment and tools) as well as professional and trained personnel enable us to do this performing work on several different facilities simultaneously.

Orbital welding is a basic form of pipe construction made of stainless steel, which is mainly due to the strict requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries that come close to the quality of welded joints (including handmade welded joints). The quality of our work is supported by successful GMP inspections on all previously carried out projects. The needs of our investors are met by an independent certification body from home and abroad.

In addition to this work, the FormaPharm Engineering Group also offers the possibility of creating complete project-related documentation for the technological fluids mentioned. Read more about it on our website.