KAGOCEL manufacturing factory constructed by FormaPharm on a turnkey basis

In September of 2010 Nearmedic and Kaluga region representatives signed the Construction agreement for the construction of a pharmaceutical factory in Obninsk.

FormaPharm Engineering Group, with its’ significant reputation in pharmaceutical factory construction and development both internationally and in the Russian Federation, was chosen as the General Contractor on this project.

On June 5th 2015 the factory has been officially opened. In 2016 the production of KAGOCEL started in the brand new facility.

The whole production process, starting from raw synthesis and all the way to the finished product, manufacturing is being carried out within a single production plant. This makes this factory very unique.  The factory complies with GMP, ISO and FDA requirements. Production capacity at the moment is 100 million of prescribed drug packages per year.

Nearmedic created a reliable quality system and an antiviral product, which plays a significant role at present times, particularly in the prevention of illnesses caused by the COVID-19 virus. In this context the Russian Federations` Ministry of health recommended Kagocel on April, 9th 2020.