FormaPharm Group proudly announces the beginning of Construction works of a residential and commercial building – The Prešernova 25 project

The Construction of a residential and commercial building at 25 Prešernova Street in Belgrade has started. The investor is the company “DR-1972” d.o.o. from Belgrade and the FormaPharm Engineering Group d.o.o. is the main contractor for all works.

In an attractive part of the city there is a modern residential and commercial building with 26 residential units, 2 shops and 32 parking spaces, including 30 parking spaces in the underground car park, in two levels of the underground car park (level Po1 with 15 parking spaces, level Po2 with 15 parking spaces) and 2 outdoor parking spaces.

The total net area of ​​the building is 3,199 m2, BRGP 3,643 m2, of which BRGP above ground 2,692 m2. The dimensions of the building are: 13.8m x 25.5m.