FormaPharm Engineering Group continues to work successfully with its long-standing partners in Serbia and in the region of Southeast Europe, even in these times of crisis.

In the near future, works on several projects for Hemofarm AG Šabac (Serbia) are planned. In the region, works are planned at Hemofarm in Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and at Hemomont in Podgorica (Montenegro).

For Hemofarm AG Šabac we work on solid molds for clean rooms (procurement, dismantling and installation of fire doors, roller doors, doors and walls of clean rooms, procurement, dismantling and installation of ceilings). At Hemofarm in Banja Luka, the works relate to the delivery and installation of classified doors for clean rooms, and at Hemomont in Podgorica the procurement, production, dismantling and installation of doors and panels for clean rooms in the sterile spray department is planned.

FormaPharm manages to carry out its activities unhindered and to react to the previously defined tasks. Vacancies for new jobs are open. You can find these on our website . You are invited to submit your applications.