New organization of the company

FormaPharm Engineering Group, with contracted projects in Serbia, Russia, Vietnam, and a new one in Iran, has developed into a multinational company. Our business represents a bright spot of the Serbian economy.

In order to ensure the best possible position in the market, in order to meet all the tasks and challenges that we face in this way, the Company has started to prepare a new organizational plan since 3 April 2017. The new organizational structure of the company will enable the tasks to be done faster and better, while maximizing the efficiency of use of all the necessary resources. Former single service departments have been united and have moved to sectors, where new sectors have been formed, led by business leaders in these sectors, namely:

  • Sector for project engineering of objects and AG engineering
  • Engineering sector, which includes the former service departments such as engineering implementation, automation, validation and execution of wokrs),
  • Finance sector, and
  • Purchasing sector.


The subsidiary OOO “FormaFarm Inzinjering Grup” is in Obrinsk, Russia, which is also a generator of the development of the Company.