The Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums Torlak is one of the oldest institutions of this type in the world, with a tradition and experience of more than 80 years, and therefore it is a great honor for us to cooperate again. The Torlak Institute deals with the production of vaccines, serums and other immunobiological and diagnostic preparations, various types of diagnostics and the supply of the domestic market with vaccines from the mandatory immunization program.

Within this project, the procurement and installation of systems to produce purified water (PW), water for injection (WFI) and pure steam (PS) will be done with the preparation of project documentation, according to the „turnkey“ system. The works include the adaptation of space for system storage, system design, procurement and installation of systems, preparation of project documentation, procurement of systems and equipment, development of protocols and testing by manufacturers, preparation of qualification documentation and execution of qualification systems for production, storage and distribution of technical fluids, and the quality must be in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP), the European Pharmacopoeia and ISPE recommendations.

FormaPharm Engineering Group has been selected in the open public procurement procedure and we are very grateful for the trust given. We will strive that we always meet the requirements of our customers.