First 30!

Have you ever wondered, at least for a short time, what our present day is like? Have you compared it to some earlier times? Have you seen the advantages and disadvantages of the past and the present? Have you thought about what you had done and achieved and thought if you would do everything the same again, or would you do something differently?

Just like every person, individual, when he looks back on the three decades he has lived, this year we are also collecting impressions, settling the score of where we are now and where we were thirty years ago, when we first started, how far we have come, what we have achieved, learned, how much we have changed and how much we have remained the same.

Three decades is not a short amount of time, and it looks as if the years have gone by in the blink of an eye. During all that time the whole world was changing, and it was changing drastically, also changing our way of living and being, our way of thinking. All of that inevitably brought changes in all of us and in that whirlwind of changes we had to reconcile the gap between keeping up with the rest of the world and staying faithful to ourselves and our essence, not moving away from it, not losing it, and yet, staying and surviving in modern development trends and values.

FormaPharm dedicates this anniversary to that success particularly. Despite all the challenges brought by new times and new global tendencies, we can safely and proudly claim that we have successfully crossed that gap, reconciled then and now, bringing them into balance and giving them the possibility of coexistence and the right to an equivalent and equal existence under our engineering roof.

In the past 30 years, numerous projects have been completed, thousands and thousands of squares have been designed and built on all four sides of the world, and the most important thing are the people, without which not a single one of those squares or projects would be worth it. From the base of that pyramid to its very top, what sustained it all that time, sustains it today, and what will continue to sustain it in the future, are the people.

Many have started their business journey under this roof of ours, many have continued it there, and even went all the way to the finish line and retired from this house. Each and every one of them is an inseparable part of our house, its building material, without which its duration would not be possible. Some would breathe in new energy with their youthful spirit, some would strengthen the foundations with their considerable experience, some would very skillfully be the link between the first two, so that, when the line is drawn, we would be what we are today – a winning combination of youth, experience and overall good energy.

That’s why we congratulate this holiday first of all to all our employees, wishing us all to share and celebrate new anniversaries for a long time in health, a good mood and in even greater number.

We are no less grateful to all our partners for the long-term trust shown and we want them to know that they are also an inseparable factor in our longevity, existence and survival and that we will strive to do our best to continue this good tradition.

Until the next anniversary!