ProtoPharma Engineering GmbH was founded in Frankfurt in 1994 as a global consulting, design and construction group specializing in the pharmaceutical market. We offer tailor-made turnkey solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. The know-how that we acquired over time has allowed us to deliver comprehensive project integration and support all project requirements in the process of design, management and project delivery.

We have the Authorization for Wholesale Distribution for Pharmaceuticals from Regierungspräsidium (RP) Darmstadt and are registered with the commercial register Bad Homburg. We work in an international network of select manufacturers and wholesalers in Europe and Asia.

We strive to assist the pharmaceutical industry with the process of transformation of raw materials into valuable products by chemical, biochemical or physical processes. In order to achieve this we provide a wide roster of services such as consulting, design, construction and operation management of industrial plants in which the above processes take place.

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Why choose Us?

  1. Strategic consulting
  2. High reliability
  3. Cost effective solutions
  4. Technically advanced
  5. Tailor-made turnkey solutions
  6. Innovative marketing

Company Profile

The accumulated experience has allowed us to uptake and successfully complete many projects.

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ProtoPharma Engineering GmbH constantly upgrades its knowledge to stay competitive on the global market.

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Reference List

We proudly highlight that we have been engaged on many challenging projects worldwide.

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