Promotions in the FormaPharm Group

After many years of commitment and thanks to significant contributions, we are pleased to announce the following promotions: Nataša Bokalović has been appointed Finance Director. Nataša started her career in the FormaPharm Engineering Group in 2014, and with her loyalty, hard work and achieved results, she deservedly rose from being an accountant to being the head of accounting to becoming the director of finance.

Maksim Rakuš, a long-time loyal member of the FormaPharm Engineering Group, has been appointed director of the purchasing sector. Maksim started his career in the company in 2012 and is appointed director from the position of deputy director of this department. Mutual trust, commitment to work and loyalty to the company on the one hand and the evaluation of the results achieved to date on the other are the foundations of our organization and the key to the success of the FormaPharm Group.