Our Nenad Tasic – participant in running races in Berlin, Novi Sad and Ljubljana

On September 16th 2018 Nenad Tasic took a part in marathon in Berlin, which could be called the fastest in the world, since that’s exactly where the world record was being broken for 11 times. This marathon belongs to the group of the six best worldwide marathons, so called “Majors”, where not everyone could take a part in. To participate in one of the “Majors”, the one has to accomplish some very high demands, and our Nenad Tasic is one of the “worldwide marathons’ master”.

Nenad run 42.2 km for 3:05:03h, and that was his second marathon within the four months, where he exceeded his own result from the previous marathon for 25 minutes. This result is something that he is especially proud of, since it is really a big honour to take a part in such great marathon and to improve the ones personal record.
For the next spring Nenad is already planning to run the marathon for less than 3 hours, and that is what all recreational runners dream about, and besides, this is the norm for the oldest world marathon, the Boston “Major”.
Nenad Tasic emphasizes: “I’m grateful for the big support from “FormaPharm Engineering Group”, who is being with me all the way long and believing in my goals.” From our part, we are grateful to Nenad, and proud of him for representing our team and achieving fabulous sport results.


In Novi Sad Nenad took a part in 10 km distance race, which was a check point for him, if he recovered from the Berlin marathon, as well as a training for the coming next 21 km distance race in Ljubljana.
Nenad improved his new running personal best time in Ljubljana, and also run through his fifth one 21 km distance race. Each race was better than the previous one, and he run out the 21 km distance for 1:26:36h.
We will continue to support our FormaPharm “world marathon master“.