KAGOCEL helps prevention of COVID-19

Nowadays the society worldwide is witnessing the on-going fight of whole planet against the coronavirus. While making all efforts to beat this pandemic, as effectively and as fastest as possible, trying to minimize at the first place human losses, but also the other consequences, all affected countries are taking and bringing out new measures and procedures in order to keep human lives and defeat the disease.

The most effective manner, as it is proven for numerous times, is prevention of COVID-19, caused by coronavirus. In this respect, Russian Federation Ministry of Health has worked out general recommendations for fighting the coronavirus, and the disease, caused by this virus, COVID-19. Among all other recommendations, there is the one, saying that for medical prevention of COVID-19 certain interferons alfa could be used, naturally, with respect to individuals’ general condition (age, for women – pregnancy etc…)

So, what interferons are? These are the proteins, produced by cells in body, in order to protect it from viruses (among others). There are certain drugs that induce the production of interferons in the body, and that kind of drugs, rather, their active components, are called interferon inductors.

A drug, that has been invented in Scientific and researching institute N. F. Gamalei of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, under the supervision of academicians Ershov F.I. and Nesterenko V.G., and registered under the trademark Kagocel, is being manufactured by company Nearmedic Plus. The manufacturer stands for this product as for an interferon inductor (mentioned above).

Manufacture of Kagocel is settled in the pharmaceutical factory Niarmedic Plus, in Obninsk, Kaluga region, Russian Federation. This factory has been designed and built by FormaPharm Engineering Group, as General Contractor, on turnkey basis.

There is the laboratory within the factory, intended for manufacturing the full cycle lyophilized reagent for human genetic and relatedness identification, but, due to new circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, soon there will be started coronavirus tests manufacturing.

This laboratory has also been designed and constructed by „FormaPharm Engineering Group“ – we were chosen for General contractor, on turnkey basis (Design Project and Construction).