About Us

“Hemofarm engineering” LLC for consulting, engineering and execution of construction works, was founded as limited liability company on December 1st of 1993. On March 23rd 2012, the founder, stock corporation “Hemofarm” sold “Hemofarm engineering”LLC to the byer “Bellevalia Limited”, from Limassol, Cyprus, and that is when the “Hemofarm engineering” was renamed into “FormaPharm Engineering Group” LLC Belgrade. On September 14th 2012 the “Bellevalia Limited” Limassol, Cyprus, is selling the “FormaPharm Engineering Group” LLC Belgrade to Oliver Stankovic.

FormaPharm Engineering Group was founded as a consulting center for complex projects in the pharmaceutical industry. Its original goal, along with professional improvement within the field of engineering services provision, was to provide high-quality development of this industrial branch in Serbia, by constantly monitoring and applying state-of-the-art international technical elements and standards. As a result, in addition to local projects, the company was entrusted with projects abroad as well, especially in Europe.

The moment has finally come, for experts in Serbia, to test their experience in the European market as well, above all in the spheres of technology transfer, design and equipment of factories for producing medicines. By completing projects based on the turnkey system, i.e. from the design phase to putting into operation, we have achieved the summit of our development. The acquired experience also caused FormaPharm Engineering Group to commence and successfully complete projects that are not related to the pharmaceutical industry (e.g. business building design).

FormaPharm Engineering Group relies on the teamwork of experts from various fields, a homogenous group including both experienced experts, ambitious and creative young people, economists and engineers of chemical and pharmaceutical technology, architecture, IT, civil, mechanical and automatic engineering, thus representing all the expert profiles required for a modern engineering business company.

Ever since we began our business in 1994, the company FormaPharm Engineering Group has developed the required know-how, which it has applied efficiently, in order to be technically and commercially competitive in the international market.

FormaPharm Engineering Group has always tried not only to maintain, but also to promote the excellent potentials it owns, reflected in gifted employees, committed to their jobs. Only thus did we manage to maintain our knowledge in the sphere of design, technology development and equipment of pharmaceutical production plants at the highest international level. We are fully aware of the fact that compliance with the technical and hygienic norms stipulated for the pharmaceutical industry can be reached and guaranteed only through the engagement of highly-qualified and motivated staff. This is reflected in the fact that FormaPharm Engineering Group is growing every year and now has almost 100 employees. The ongoing and upcoming major projects, as well as the constantly updated tender for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and technicians, suggest that the number of employees will grow in the coming period.

We offer complete service: starting from a feasibility study, through design, construction and equipment of facilities, putting into operation, checking capacities and the quality of installed equipment, to the final validation phase and handover of the project on the basis of the turnkey system. We wish to emphasize that FormaPharm Engineering Group, in addition to a big number of completed and current projects in its own country, has also been engaged in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Romania. In these countries, we also conduct projects for large German pharmaceutical companies, such as Stada AG. In the near future, we are going to expand our business directly onto other emerging markets. Over the past 6 years, FormaPharm Engineering Group has successfully participated in over 43 projects in the country and abroad. For all these projects, the common denominator was the quality of the FormaPharm Engineering Group, the timely completed projects and the satisfied investors. Get to know some of the most important projects from the last 6 years.

Year 2019

  • PYMEPHARCO, Tuy Hoa, Vietnam – Designing a solid drug production facility (conceptual and base design and consulting services).
  • Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums “TORLAK”, Belgrade, Serbia – Reconstruction of the system for production, storage and dilution of technical fluids for pharmaceutical production for the needs of the Institute of Virology, Vaccines and Serums “Torlak”.
  • WEST PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES, Kovin, Serbia – Construction of a new microbiology laboratory on a turnkey basis.
  • WEST PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES, Kovin, Serbia – Design, construction and purchase of essential equipment on the N09 New fuel oil tank.

Year 2018

  • “Hemofarm” LLC, Sabac (2018) – Project design documentation development for secondary packaging department for oncological medicals, in the aims of redesigning of this department into the probiotics production and packaging department.
  • “Hemofarm” LLC, Sabac (2018) – work execution (turnkey basis) within the secondary packaging department for oncological medicals redesigning into the probiotics production and packaging department.
  • “Hemofarm” JS , unit in Sabac, Serbia (2018) – Project design documentation development for secondary packaging department for oncological medicals, in the aims of redesigning of this department into the probiotics production and packaging department.
  • “Hemofarm” JS, Vrsac – construction works execution on the “Hemofrm kvaitet” facility within the “Hemofarm” JS, Vrsac complex.
  • “Hemofarm” JS , unit in Sabac, Serbia – work execution (turnkey basis) within the secondary packaging department for oncological medicals redesigning into the probiotics production and packaging department.

Year 2016-2017

  • OOO “Nearmedic Plus” Obninsk, Russia, Design and construction work. Organization of the first production in Russia the closed cycle of the lyophilized reagent for genetic identification of the personality of humans and the determination of kinship.
  • OOO “Hermofarm” Obninsk, Russia, Designing, drawing up of technical documentation for a laboratory
  • Hemofarm AD Vrsac, work on the reconstruction and extension of the object – CENTER FOR PACKING OF SOLID FORMS within the complex “Hemofarm” AD Vrsac
  • ZAO Farm company “Soteks”, projecting, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and storage complex OOO FKNT
  • PYMEPHARCO, Vietnam, projecting, conceptual design, project for the approval and consulting services for the new object of the operation of solid forms

Year 2015

  • Hemomont d.o.o. Podgorica, design and implementation of works, “ready-made”, reconstruction of existing objects of the complex Hemomont d.o.o. Podgorica in the goal of creating a new department for manufacturing sterile nasal sprays (SNUP) and the mobile racking camp and extension – Adaptation of the physico-chemical laboratory of the service for quality control
  • Hemofarm AD Vrsac, design and implementation of the physico-chemical laboratory, Hemofarm AD Vrsac, Hemofarm quality
  • Hemofarm AD Vrsac, projecting, center for packaging of solid forms Hemofarm Vrsac

Year 2014

  • PYMEPHARCO, Vietnam, projecting, consulting for contracting and work, qualification, conceptual / basic design, consulting for contracting, work and validation program, qualification of equipment and systems – operation for production of sterile beta-lactam products, reconstruction
  • Hemofarm AD Vrsac, design, construction of the main project of the construction of the physico-chemical laboratory in the Hemofarm a.d. Vrsac
  • PALLADIO Obninsk, Russia, design and construction work, preparation of project documentation and work

Year 2013

  • “Fresenius Medical Care Srbija doo”, Vrsac, design, preparation of technical documentation for the establishment of a factory for medical devices, Technological Park, Vrsac
  • OOO “Nearmedic Pharma” Obninsk, Russia, Provision of work and supply of equipment in project OOO “Nearmedic Pharma” Obninsk, Russia (years 2013-2016)
  • OOO “Hemofarm” Obninsk, Russia, design, reconstruction of the firm for solid forming

Year 2012

  • OOO Institute of Biochemical Technologies, Kiev, design, preparation of project documents, reconstruction of the institute for the production of pharmaceutical preparations
  • OOO “Nearmedic Pharma” Obninsk, Russia, qualification, DQ “work project, RD”, manufacturing, stock, synthesis and laboratories

Thanks to our twenty-year-long experience in this field, there is nothing that is unknown to us in this sphere – there are only challenges.