Appointment of a new director of the FormaPharm Engineering Group d.o.o.

The FormaPharm Engineering Group d.o.o. proudly announces the appointment of Mr. Nikola Stankovic as the new company director.

Mr. Stankovic is known as one of the most respected economists in our country, he has considerable experience in the field of pharmacy, pharmaceutical engineering and above all company management. The new director shall be tasked with improving current business, results and communication in our company and continuing the internationalization process. He shall also work together with the board of directors on market diversification and business diversification. Mr. Stankovic shall assume the position of director on 30 May this year.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the previous director Mr. Slavoljub Korcakoski for his work and efforts, as he has made great contributions to the overall development of the FormaPharm Engineering Group d.o.o.