The fact that solidarity, mutual understanding and mutual support at all levels of society play a key role in emergencies has again been shown countless times when we are all faced with extremely difficult and demanding terms and conditions.

Despite the fact that our company found itself with the cessation of all projects, the cessation of ongoing works and the fact that we will not be able to achieve the planned results, we were happy to respond to every call for solidarity and take measures such as planning and connected to the construction of the fire eye laboratory within the city hospital of Belgrade, help sent to the health center in Vršac, etc.

Above all, we wanted to save jobs and avoid firing workers. We succeeded in this.

As a company that recognizes the importance of communication and interaction with state institutions and the importance of information exchange, FormaPharm was happy to respond to the invitation from the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure of the Republic of Serbia, presented the position it was in, and made concrete proposals.

Among others, we recommended the following measures to the government:

  • Extension of the term of bank guarantees for started projects during the state of emergency;
  • Extension of the insurance period for projects started during the state of emergency;
  • Provision of loans for the liquidity of companies with low interest rates and adequate guarantees and a grace period of at least six to twelve months;
  • State participation in the cost of the minimum wage for workers or in the cost of taxes and social security contributions.

The response from the Ministry followed with thanks for the confidence we had shown, and the Government of the Republic of Serbia showed that it listens to such proposals and is ready to act appropriately by adopting a series of decrees with specific measures that have brought about relief for problems and issues that we have raised as a socially responsible company and that we currently see facing many companies and society as a whole.